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spoilt silly by the boy. can't do without the girlfriends.

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change [September 22, 2008 @ 6:42pm]
okay although wordpress is damn difficult to use or maybe im just a noob,
im quite adamant about moving because i have been blogging about quite personal stuff and i dont want friends' friends' friends to read or judge or anything.

i know only close friends read my blog, but i guess if i dont move, i dont feel secure. hahahah.

leave me a comment okie or can reach me on msn. will give my new blog add as long as i know u personally

i dont like to do goodbyes,
but this i dont mind.
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grandparents. [September 15, 2008 @ 9:10pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

you know how people always say when you and your partner grow old,
the love will fade, and maybe even die,
and what's left at the end of the day... may be the laziness to do anything else,
and hence, you end up being stuck with the same person for the rest of your life.

well of course, that's a very cynical view and probably a swipe that people often take at marriages.

but on thoughtful considerations, i'd like to think that love still exists even right till the end.

my grandparents for example, may complain about certain traits of each other.
and they have been at it for soooooo many years already.

but now that one is close to the end of his days,
the other one is stuck in ICU,
they nevertheless demonstrate their love and concern for each other.

my grandfather is so frail but he stubbornly wanted to go to the hospital to visit my grandma. he didnt get to do so though, because we cant let him see the state that she is in. so everyday he asks about her, and tells my mum, aunts and uncles to hurry go over to the hospital and keep her company. also, he tells em to keep the fact that he has been feeling worse recently from her. he doesnt want to go over to my aunt's place to stay not only because he didnt want to trouble others in taking care of him, but also because he wants to stay at home and wait for my grandmother's return. but we all know it wont be anytime soon.. and i think it must really suck that my mum, aunts and uncles need to lie to him.

my grandmother on the other hand,
also asks about my grandfather, and wants them to hide from him the fact that she is in ICU, and all wired-up to machines and whatnots.

i cant say im really tight with my grandparents,
but to know this much about them,
made me proud of them, and i respect them even more.

i hope things look up soon.


[September 15, 2008 @ 4:21pm]
i want to say how unfair it is.

but is it also possible for me to be unfair,
if i say how unfair it is?

we keep getting sucked deeper into it. [September 11, 2008 @ 10:42am]
[ mood | --- ]

Irony came today and slapped me Hard in my face.
to the point where i cant Exactly point out how im feeling right now.

my recent lit text "Written on the Body" had its narrator obsessed with Cancer.
we know what happens when Cancer happens.
but we dont know how it happens, and how to cure.

i guess the narrator and i can make friends now.
i will probably know what happens now.

there is this Tragic Whirlpool that seems to keep sucking us in.
i wish it would just Stop.

now i foresee more hospital trips, more fatigued aunties and uncles, greater financial burden, another one person plagued with pain.

Stop, already.
because im at the point where i dont know what else to expect.

it feels like Midnight's Children in here.
Optimism is a Disease.

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busy like a bee. [September 07, 2008 @ 8:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

too little time, too many things to be done

sucks when the boyfriend is beside me and i cant do much with him also, because i have tonnes of readings to be completed. last night, we had planned to play and sing chinese songs out loud (our kinda k-box tt is absolutely free, haha) but i actually fell asleep after a long day of tuition, gym and travelling from amk to jalankayu to amk to boonlay to amk, and reading my Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. im so glad i finished it off today man. bloody thick book which is hard to fully comprehend as well :(

so the whole day was spent away by me reading my book, and him playing games on my laptop.
annoying, really.

next wk i shall go over to his place to stay after my late lessons (:
haha. cuz his parents will be away on a holidayyyy.

chinese garden visit soon, i hope. and i wanna share a mooncake with him!! hahah. damn random request which he grudgingly agrees to cuz he doesnt have a sweet tooth.

anyway, 2 random things to blog about.

a: ____ is so ugly. i wont wna fuck her.
probably have to switch off the lights and pretend it's not happening.
b: but i'd usually prefer the lights on.
a: fuck man, will probably take a pillow to cover (her face)

and then they proceed to talk abt the fuck-able and non-fuck-ables.
!!!! i was so damn pissed can.
oh myyyyy. they're everything that patrick dempsey, george cloony and brad pitt are not! and if we were to take 'em at face value, there's absolutely no way they are justified enough to say such demeaning words about other people. on a public train, and not very softly, no less. what the hell man.

k moving on, to
kid points to a grammar question that says
Raymond _____ (should, could, can, shan't) listen to his parents' advice.
then she starts sniggering.
a min later, she points to the same question.
this time round, it reads
Raymond _____ (should, could, can, shan't) listen to his Girlfriend's advice.

haha and my MCP of a boyfriend insists it should be the other way round.
kids these days.


pillars. [September 01, 2008 @ 10:01pm]
[ mood | comforted ]

my ah gong's been in and out of the hospital these days.
my mum hasnt been feeling very well herself.
and school is damn stressful.

amidst all this negativity that is slowly but surely wearing me out,
i find myself very dependent on my close ones.

the sch buds have been there for me to just talk and ramble with in school.
meeting dearie on monday morns for train rides to school lessen the monday blues.

and the dearest boy has been there for me constantly, albeit a little naggy when i wna take time off to laze from my readings.

nothing beats going to bed with his arms around me, as i rest my head on his shoulder or share the same pillow as him.
nothing beats having him pull me close to him halfway through the night, when either one of us stirs momentarily.
nothing beats waking up and seeing him first thing in the morning, giving him a peck and seeing him smile his little sleepy smile.

this is what has been keeping me sane.
knowing that i have got support, through my tiring days, through my bad hair days


get well soon. [August 24, 2008 @ 8:20pm]
i went to visit ah gong in the late afternoon/evening.
took a 1 hour ride from Boonlay to Simei, and enjoyed the peaceful ride, with my music plugged in and my book with me.
blissfully sheltered from the rains that seem to have hit us island-wide.

(: im glad ah gong ate more than the last time he was warded, and he ate more than he did during lunch.
he's been going in and out of the hospital periodically because of water-retention from the lack of kidney dialysis which he needs but refuses.
but who are we to subject such an elderly (and stubborn) man to so much pain?

he told me to study hard.
i found his words very impactful.

every time i visit him, i just stand around quietly.
because i dont know what to say,
and neither does he.
but i know he means well for all of us,
and the words he said today,
i will keep in mind.

i wish i have more time each day.
for school work, for my personal social life, for gym, for tuition.

im still finding a way out.

no-brainer. [August 21, 2008 @ 9:22pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

on the train home just now, jean and i were chatting and agreed that among our clique of friends, i tend not to think deep on issues. i mean, if something happens, i just let it happen and then let it go, without pondering much on it. yeah, this occurs usually.

but on unusual occasions, like recently, i have been thinking a lot.

-im afraid of history happening again, and i dont wna feel the pain again.
i think i got some trust issues now, and it's affecting me. right now, a part of me is in huge denial, and i think im pretty good at pretending to the point where i dont feel anything. but should something happen, i will crash.

-i have been wondering why i just cant bloody well speak up in class. especially when i have my own views at times. plus, it's not like i dont do my readings. and just yesterday, i was seated between 2 persons who spoke up constantly. i felt so useless.

-also yesterday, i received an email informing me of my eligibility to become a NTU research scholar, which will require me to embark on a project, with the supervision of a profesor, who will act like a mentor. a minimum of 10hrs/wk is required.. and it spreads over 6-8mths. but the monetary incentive is not too bad.. $400/mth.
while im flattered that im offered this opportunity and i seriously looked through the list of projects i can choose from, i felt that im not up to it. as it is, i already have a hard time juggling this semester's modules, social life and gym. to take on the project will be such an enriching experience, but im not ready for it now... and im sorely disappointed in my lack of drive and discipline towards studies. why am i not a go-getter? people are raring to take on 6mods, a minor, or double major.. i take a step back after my 5 mods.

-with this recent pondering of personal issues, im starting to feel quite depressed and needy. school workload makes it worse. and im trying to look for comfort. i feel miserable with myself for being upset with the boyf who spends the majority of his time after work on games. i mean, it's after all, his way of relaxation right? and i cant deprive him of his comfort while seeking my own. despite the rationalization, my emotions remain perturbed.

this is a really organized way of ranting.

i cant wait for gym tmr with my sch bud. when i exercise, im too busy to think about anything else.

a bus driver said good night, "wan an" to all boarding passengers. i dont think anyone replied him. i wonder how he felt. i asked myself why didnt i reply him, and why i only managed a weak smile.

i think i have been thinking too much for my own good.

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48 yearssss. [August 15, 2008 @ 6:14pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

haha this is so random but so awesome.

we have at least a silver medal from table tennis now!
damn awesome. i caught the match and it was a damn long and tight one. hahaha.
singapore. olympics medal.



[August 14, 2008 @ 11:46pm]
[ mood | full ]

just when i have decided to be a good girl and devote my school free (fri)day to revision and making notes for my public organization and business law modules, i returned a phonecall, only to find myself agreeing for an extra tuition session tmr. oh well, her exams start next week. and i just can't say "no".


kinda kills the whole "i-wanna-stay-home-and-mug-hard" thing. and i thought i could get some proper and longer sleep tmr morning too.

now that second week of school has came and left, i find myself feeling kinda stressed.
the readings seem so much after a three months break, and there are so much to learn AND MEMORISE for more electives =/

been getting frequent headaches and feeling tired these days.. i reflected and thought that perhaps im getting a lil bit stressed :( hope i can adapt accordingly. it's just Year 2 Sem 1 man. many more semesters to go.

anyway, i got a very lovely pooh bear floor mat, and candles that were thoughtfully sought out. thanks girls (:


so i got 2 slices of ice cream cake, and a mini-cake [August 14, 2008 @ 10:22am]
[ mood | content ]

happy birthday to me (:

half the day hasnt even gone by, and i think this year has already made up for the previous year.

baby dropped by last evening unannounced with 2 slices of ice cream cake from Swensens after work. before that, my mum also got me a mini cake (palm-sized kind). hahah.

i was in a half conscious state (half asleep, half reading Rushdie's Midnight's Children) for close to one and a half hour till midnight, when baby came in with one slice of cake with a candle on it, and sang me a half-hearted (cuz he's damn shy, for some reason) birthday song, which on hindsight, is quite cute la. hahah.

so i got my presents which i already knew of.

this morning, he took half day off to accompany me (although he's working on his psp now, haha.. @$*&^*)!) but it's the thought that counts. and, quite unexpectedly, a delivery man arrived at the door step with a bouquet of flowers! (: hahah. so today ends my wait for flowers. have been bugging him for a stalk ever since i dreamt of him giving me one. heh.

and i guess what's sweet enough is that when we were still working tgt, we saw a gift/flowers catalogue in the office which i thought sold things at reasonable prices but he kept saying it's a waste of money. haha. but it turns out that he actually bought the flowers from the above mentioned catalogue. ohwell, that's the boyfriend for you.

(: and thanks for the sms-es sent! from long time fab friends to unexpected but heartwarming ones (:

simple affair, that is good enough for me.
hahaha. i wish i will continue looking younger than my age.
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all i wanted was just a mini ice cream cake. [August 12, 2008 @ 10:39pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

just now, mum asked me my plans for coming Thurs, my bday.
unfortunately, i could only tell her that my lesson ends at 6.30PM, leaving me with no time for any kind celebration or going out.
because by the time i travel down from Boonlay to anywhere, places are probably closed and the next day is a Friday, a working day (dont wna tire baby out).

like on my previous birthdays, i go vegetarian.
so my plan on thursday, is to go Subway for a salad for dinner at AMK hub, with baby.

a part of me doesnt think much about bdays.
but a part of me want a lil bit of fanfare to make up for last year's horrible bday (i was almost alone the whole day in school, stuck in a tutorial which i knew no one).

there's this ice cream shop called Uzumaki (i wonder if it's inspired by Naruto the anime, but nvm) that sells really adorable mini ice cream cakes. those cute things caught my eye a few wks back, but ytd when baby went to enquire, we found out that to do a pre-order ytd wouldnt provide sufficient time for the cake to be ready by my bday. so i was really kinda disappointed.

yes, the title of my entry says it all. hahah.

plus, i dont have anything to look forward to as well, because baby has given me my presents already. haha. no surprises.. (and again, the girly girl in me is kinda disappointed)

ohwell. at the end of the day, i just tell myself, it's just a birthday. it will pass before i know it. just gta wait for next yr's. haha.

today was a very trying day. morning lesson, boring lit lecture, and business law tutorial that left me feeling like a lost sheep.. reaching home near 9PM.. and to make it worse, i had a headache that stuck with me since lunch. oh goshhh.

but, after dinner, as i casually looked through the pile of mail my dad retrieved today.. things looked up by A LOT (:

Postcard from HK. thanks Miss K for Karen!
Card from Perth. ((: GRACIEEEEE. thanks!

okay i would like to go on more, but my readings are calling out to me.


it's been good while it lasted. [August 06, 2008 @ 8:14pm]
[ mood | reflective ]

i havent updated in a loooong while.

got really busy towards the end of July, of all times when sch is beginning soon enough, and when work is starting to slow down.

just some quick recap of events, so that one day when im too free, i can look back on those days (:

-company lunch on our last day.
Melvin and I were temp staff whose last day was on the 31st July, because sch wld be starting respectively on the 11th Aug and 4th Aug for us.
he's studying medicine at NUS. how cool is that?!

it's been good while it lasted, despite the mundane and repetitive nature of the job, as well as some damn rude ppl over at the other end of the phone.

the pay was good, i became closer to baby's friends, got an inkling of his job scope, and got to spend a lot of time with him (during which, im glad to say, we didnt have much conflicts to speak of)
so, on the last day, i wasnt in a working mood, i started folding stuff i printed out from cubeecraft.com.

haha, i got caught on cam.

that's Mr.Future Doctor

and my colleagues. dont fancy each and every one of them (office politics and work ethics differences) but i really enjoyed the company of some.

-1st Aug was a really good day. super chill-out (:
baby skipped work and since he stayed over the night before, we headed out for a simple brunch at the market, and returned home to PS3 games. hahah. i pissed the shit outta him though, cuz aft he completed the mission, i accidentally switched the PS3 off without him saving it yet. =/ i know, it's my fault. can't run away from that.

jeanie came over in the evening b4 we 3 headed out for a Botak Jones dinner and some baking grocery shopping in the neighbourhood. i was a happy girl, my girlfriend and boyfriend with me (:

while jeanie and i baked a chocolate cake loaf (sth like tt) for carol's belated celebration, baby holed himself in my rm to play game -.-'' haha. it was fun baking! although i was doubtful, the end pdt turned out to be like a cake-bread, which is why it's called cake loaf.

so baby left and shortly, carol arrived for our sleepover. well, not quite. that girl reached only around 11.30PM -.-'' heh.

-2nd Aug saw us 3 preparing and going for a picnic at the botanical gardens.
it was good while it lasted, until the sun became a lil too scorching and the ants started making their way to us. im quite convinced i got a mild allergy to grass bec since tt day my legs have been showing signs of rashes and there are those lil disgusting bumps that wouldnt go away and wld get so itchy sometimes!

we headed to New Bridge Road after that in search of Casualpoet. oh gosh, we walked and walked and walked but we just couldnt find it :( sorely disappointed and the sun was so brutal we had to take a brolly out! -.-'' but the endless walk wasnt futile because carol spotted some photo taking opportunites. haha.

proof of my annoyance at the heat.

"Utopia" at that point of time would be a cold iced lemon tea (OMG DID I JUST TYPE THAT) and a day-bed, with ME lying on it, under a BIG BIG umbrella.

then it was dinner at some People's Park hawker centre. not too bad (: nv knew it existed. haha.

off to Clarke Quay after that! on the way from Chinatown, we got to witness for ourselves the planes (i heard they're called the Red Knights) performing stunts in the air for the national day rehearsal. it was awesome! (: the unity, the precision, even the loud loud roaring of the planes. also caught one of them doing 360 degrees turns 4 times consecutively! how cool is that right!! we found ourselves stopping in the middle of the roads to look up at them.. haha. not wise, not wise.

i LOVEEEEEE Clarke Quay at night for its vibrance, bright lights and bustling along the streets and in the restaurants, cafes and pubs where tourists and locals alike would be chattering away.

so we were there that night, as pseudo-tourists. heh. we took a $13 30min boat ride along S'pore river. kudos to jeanie for coming up with that suggestion, because i got to appreciate the scenery at a different angle (: was quite disappointed initially cuz we couldnt get to the Merlion since the usual route was cut off due to Marine Police Patrol in view of the rehearsals. BUT BUT BUT! as the boat made a U-turn back, we heard explosions! and yes!! FIREWORKS!! <3 i kept telling the girls tt i had a feeling we'd see some beautiful fireworks and i was constantly hoping so, to the point where i kept thinking i heard the "BOOM BOOM" sounds. so, imagine my elation. hahaha. it was so F-fabulous ((: one of the more special nights i have ever had.

ended the night with tofu cheesecake, black sesame pudding and a Mojito at the Japanese restaurant just outside Central Mall. the desserts are melt-in-your-mouth-awesome! (: i wna go back there again and try out more more MORE. heh!

took the train down to Boonlay that night, and slpt over at his place. was good to see him after the long and tiring day because i wanted to share with him our "adventures". heh.

Yoga-ed the next day at Jurong Point's Amore and i must say it was a pretty good experience. the instructor was accomodating and interactive. patient enough so that newcomers like Lindy and I didnt feel out of place (:
cant wait for more! really hoping to slim down and tone up soon (:

now sch has started.. but more on that in my next post. and possibly, subsequent grouse-filled posts. haha.
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random recollections. [July 28, 2008 @ 9:17pm]
[ mood | calm ]

okay because i havent blogged for so long, i can't remember all things i have been up to recently, and definitely not in chronological order.

random recollection:

-popped my brazillian wax cherry
it's really not as painful as how others claim it to be. haha. was a little shy at first but the wax-er was like a malay lian, which is a good thing, cuz she talked to me about everything under the sun, and started the first strip-off without warning as she continued talking to me. hah. think i will be going back subsequently.

met up with Darling (:
havent seen that girl for sooooo long. caught up over dinner at TCC and cheesecake at cafe cartel. i LOVEEEe the sesame endless waltz at TCC. never knew coffee and black sesame go so well tgt! cafe cartel@ PS is filled with many chinese nationals. not that i have anything against them or what, but i wonder how they serve non-chinese customers cuz they not only reply ppl in chinese when spoken english to, they also dont seem to understand english very well. hmm.

had a school-bud meeting wih jeanie and yiwen
Din Tai Fung dinner that seemed to consist more of appetizers than the main courses. hahaha. plus the Special Seaweed Rolls were overwhelmingly seaweed-ish =/ the girls got stuff at Mango and we settled down at Starbucks. for the 1st time, i cldnt finish even half a tall cup of starbucks coffee. haha. looks like i'd be saving some money for the next few wks/mths.

signed up for gym membeship at Amore
joined with 2 of baby's friends. actually, they are my friends now too, but i dont know why i very naturally refer to them as his friends. haha. anyway, they have been very sister-like figures to me. im looking fwd to joining the classes at Amore with them. hopefully we can coordinate my sch timetable and their working schedules well. shall be starting next wk. NEED TO SLIM DOWN AND TONE UP.

baby and i got a PlayStation 3 each
haha. it's kinda incredulous how we ended up wih 2 sets of PS3. he has always lusted after one and i wanted to get him one, just that he keep refusing my offer. so the other time it was selling at an all time low of $585 for payment by cash.. i decided that he shld buy it and i cld share half the cost with him but the silly boy decided to pay for it on his own. we came to my home right away after tt to test it out and my dad suddenly surprised us by suggesting that he leaves that PS3 at my hm, and he gave $600 to baby to buy another one for his own home. heh. a pity tt sch is starting soon. sigh.

company dinner at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant@Esplanade
i had moderately high expectations for the restaurant but it turned out to be sucha disappointment. overpriced and not near-spectacular fd. sigh. svc is bad. waitress cleared plates, dropped prawn shells on my colleague's bag, didnt apologize, just put a wad of tissue on the table.

invested in Estee Lauder's Idealist Pore Minimizing lotion
$125 for a bottle that will last me 2-3 mths. im desperate to improve my skin condition. so with recommendation from our friend (baby's and mine), i decided to give it a try.

brought baby, ben and lindy for a massage at my aunt's massage therapy parlour
super awesome la. fantastic weekend treat and at prices fairly affordable (: they had this pedicure svc too.. no nail clipper is involved in the trimming of toe nails. instead, the person used sth tt looked like a metal ruler, and very smoothly, he "shaved off" my nails.

k im tired. and broke too. cant wait for salary and tuition pay to come in soon.
last day of work on thurs. im still 14appts short to my targeted commission.
and sleepover plus girls' day out on fri and sat (:

cant believe the hols are coming to an end.

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The Dark Knight [July 19, 2008 @ 8:00pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

it's superb, the movie!

baby and i caught it last night at 12.15am and i wasn't sure if i could survive the movie because i was tired and the movie was two and a half hours.

surprisingly (or maybe not, because the movie is that awesome), i found myself very much awake at the end of it.

there wasn't a single moment i felt bored or that the movie was draggy. it's a different case for Hellboy 2 though, haha. we did, however, get some amusement from a snoring couple sitting just behind us.

the costume was fabulous, the makeup on the Joker was disturbing.

Christian Bale played it very cool and yet not without emotional attachments.
Heath Ledger played the role of the Joker like a psycho and I was so disturbed (sry for my lack of vocab). I couldnt help but keep wondering what was it that went through his mind when he played this role, and i couldnt't stop linking this to his death. Anyhow, if he was still alive, i would have thought exactly the same.
He is the Joker.
then there are the two old wise men characters with lines that are witty and subtley wicked.

it's fantastic, really.

not to mention the effects as well. there were so many buildings blown up, so many vehicles crashing and exploding. awesome.
the state of technology used in the plot and for the film made it very entertaining.

i wouldnt mind watching it again, and probably, the third time too.

go catch it okay!

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Saying Goodbyes. [July 15, 2008 @ 9:35pm]
[ mood | wistful ]

both Grace and Karen flew off today.

to Karen:
thanks for letting me know (:
good enough for me tt u bother to drop a msg.
pls eat all the dim sum and drink all the milk tea u can whie you're there!
and since i wont be going to HK any time soon, im letting u have my share. heh.
take care!
bring me to CasualPoet whenu return alright?
... Weird but Fun Date (II) ...

to Grace:
i really wanted to send u off today but u know, like we talked about previously..
it's the (R)esponsibily word.
have much to say to u, but dont know where to begin.
i hate saying goodbyes, and i know u will be back soon enough.
i just wna say, im sorry for not being able to do a proper get-together with u.
trust me when i say, if anything, i miss the times when we'd do nothing (which includes failed baking, tv-surfing, couch-lying, etc.) at Jean's place most.
this time, i feel that i missed out so much.
look forward to ur HOMEcoming in Nov/Dec so we can catch up on lost time.


you will be there to catch me when i fall. [July 14, 2008 @ 10:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hmm. quick update.
nothing positive, unfortunately.

-im still nowhere near my commision target, damnit.

-baby has an issue to deal with this wed, and that boy got me so worried and unhappy. i can only hope it wont turn out too serious :(

-did i mention that i have only 2 secured mods, which are what the school assigned? it's really a wtf situation, really. my prescribed mod clashes with sooooo many other mods and i cant force myself to do mods which i really DONT WANT TO. so what's a lit major like me to do with just 2 lit mods. hah. wtf.

-i felt v negative about my body and health just now. so, i shall go on a healthier diet. less carbs, less snacks, less fried food. need to lose some weight now.

-school is starting soon. and i have a friday and a weekend to rest (no work) before lesson commences. sigh.

k, enough of depressing things.
i caught Pleasurefactory and Sky of Love with baby when i stayed over his place like weekend. hahaha. the former was left the both of us damn frustrated. it's like, an excuse to make a film showing lotsa skin, sex, vices. i cant detect any trace of meaning in the show. hahah. the latter was a damn touching show, i swear. i cried buckets of tears and i found out that the boyfriend likes sappy shows. haha.

i treated my parents and baby to buffet/steamboat because it's time to give em sth in return now tt im earning my own keeps... momentarily.


family gathering

hanging out with baby's friends

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i cant think of a title. [July 07, 2008 @ 10:19pm]
[ mood | confused ]

my ah gong's gathering saw all of us (except one family cuz the kid is ill) gathered under one roof. it was really the biggest no. of people at a family event.. for as long as i can remember, that is.

baby dearest went with me (: and it was so odd cuz when we all took turns to take family pics with my ah gong and step-grandmother, they told baby to come into the picture too. hahaha. and he's included in the EVERYONE-PRESENT pic as well. now that he's in my family pics, he'd better not leave me. it will feel so weird when i look at the pictures 10yrs down the road, and if he's not by my side, looking at those pics with me.

stayed really late that night and got home only past midnight.
both of us were super tired the next day at work -.-''
but there wasnt anyone else i wanted to bring with me there.

and i interacted more with my cousins.
and i talked a lil bit more to my uncles.
who all didnt fail to mention that i have grown up already.
hahaha. well. of course i have grown up. it's been too long.
im not that little girl anymore.

my godfather (mum's sister's husband) also spoke to me for awhile and i was touched when he said he'd wna earn enough money for his 3 daughters.. and his god-daughter. ahhh. it's been too long since i sat down and had a chat with him. and that day, i felt how much he doted on me.. just like those days when i was young, he'd buy me gifts from overseas and reward me with money or nice lil things whenever i do well in exams.

trying to fix my timetable is sucha bitch, really.
im positive that the rest of the world is hankering after the same modules as i am!! :(

and i got so discouraged at work today.
i work so hard but my results arent there.
i deliver my script as precisely as i can and most politely.
but i cant do as well as the colleague whom i dont fancy so much and who peppers his every phrase with all the singlish terms.
maybe using singlish can connect with customers better.
but i dont think i can ever make myself speak like him.
i can't even do that in my daily life, let alone during work.
im slightly jealous, i admit.
and im super frustrated :(

okie random pics at baby's friend's gf's 21st party.

my 21st, shall be an intimate affair (sidetrack)
hahaha. im the youngest there (: they feel like elder bros and sisters to me, really. well. except for the boyfriend. hhahaha. k enough of nonsense. hope the damn ugly pics can amuse my v few readers out there.

and i cant wait to attend one of their friends' ROM in August! <3 i shall pon my wednesday lesson for that. the venue is really v nice! outdoor garden kinda thing. i hope i will be able to post the pics up when the time comes. but i dont have a nice dress to wear. hmm :(

and hmm, after talking to jean, and bringing up the topic to my parents today,
i think i may have a semester overseas. well, there's a possibility la. hahah. but i know i will miss baby like maddddddddd. and i will prob worry abt my parents. esp my mum.

k i feel like i still have a lot of things to say/think/do.
slightly lost now.
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girlfriends. mi amigas. [July 02, 2008 @ 11:25pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i remember this one entry of mine.. where i blogged about how my girlfriends are mostly away and i havent seen them all FOR SO LONG ??!!

haha now i have got some updates!

and in chronological order now...

hahah it was an impromptu meet up last friday (thanks dearie for taking the initiative to msg). baby and i met up with her immediately after we parted with our friends. heh. tt babe now stays in AMK and considerably MUCH MUCH closer to my home now! 5-7min walk away only!! and it's so close to where we used to study (Anderson).

haha a picture of us 3 on the way home from macdonalds. had so much fun catching up (and we are not done yet, babe!). plus she's really such an eye candy. heh. except it's not quite reflected in this picture here cuz she's trying to make some wacky expression here.. which works. but ohwell babe. u will alw be one of my eye candiessss!!

and then on Monday before going to catch Dont mess with the Zohan (oh what a lame movie -.-'') i got a msg from JEANIEEEE (: heh she's finally back after being gone for what felt like so long! and we arranged to meet up tgt.. like, jeanie, carol and myself, the next day.

so tuesday.. we met up at TPY station 1st. felt so good to see both of them..
just as we were about to leave..
someone came and tap me from behind..

GRACE IS BACK (temporarily) !!!


hahahaha. i teared so very slightly upon hugging her. heh. cldnt believe my eyes really. took me 3 seconds to realize it's really GRACIEEEE.. IN THE FLESH.

sexier after returning from Perth. hmmmmmmmm.

we headed to Lorong 5 for Singaporean food. hahaha.
here goes.

hearty <3

then we headed to.. .. .. no, not Starbucks x(

but heh, at least it's fair to us. how can tpy have starbucks when AMK and Bishan don't!

the night ended off with some pictures.. of which, im only gna post one bec it's the most decent out of all. heh.

and i came home with these:

Pooh Bear storybook, pink/white scarf and jean's fill-in-the-blanks-yourself-postcard.

hopefully there will be more and nicer pictures to come when we meet up again next week!! (:

it feels relly surreal receiving smses from gracie.
heh. -.-'' not complaining.

and today..
after dinner with baby and Citylink Thai Express,
i saw darling!!
but that girl recognized the boyfriend first -______________-''''
hahahah. HOW CAN.

looking forward to be able to FINALLY meet up next wk okay!

AND YIWEN!! I SAW UR COMMENT ALREADY. hahah. taken note of what has to be taken note too. yes we will do dinner soon! jeanie suggested this friday, i will le ya'll know whether i can make it or not okie? ((:

yes.. suddenly all the girlfriends are back..
and i feel that the time left for the holidays is just too short :(
sigh i havent even really enjoyed myself.

work's been challenging these days..
my throat hurts whenever half the day has passed.

tmr's my ah gong's "last gathering" kinda thing..
he requested that he wna see us all (the whole family tree) before he.. ...
so yup, we will make it there for him.
just that.. i really dont know what i have to say to him.

this is really random. but baby's friend who returned from UNSW in Australia recently, bought this for me (: it was a really pleasant gesture and finally i got to taste these much talked-about donuts. i had an orange white choc donut from donut factory today because i craved dessert (haha yes i know donuts arent desserts) and i think Donut Factory is better la.
BUT! the Krispy Kreme packaging is damn nice!
<3 the whole green polka dots against white background thing.

k i bought 2 tees for baby today.

job hazard. [June 26, 2008 @ 9:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i spent $32 to get myself free from work for 2 days. haha.
the doctor voluntarily gave me 2 days mc.. which means tt i really am not faking my throat discomfort.
just that, more importantly, it means i dont have to go work and slack miserably.

no im not crazy. i really have a hard time slacking at work.
my job is to make appointments.
while the bosses of the company expect us to do so, the bosses on the other side (the company's clients) said better not to do so for this time being.. in view of another event tt requires more free appointment slots regarding that.
so im like.. caught in b/w.

so now i try my best to make some calls to chalk up call volumes, hoping customers will reject me so that the appointment slots can still be kept available.
BUT. they dont. so i end up making more appts than i hope for -.-''

so since tues onwards, i have been caught b/w having to chalk up call volumes (to account to my own bosses) and not making calls (so as to keep the no. of appointments fixed lower, as wished by the other side). and it sucks cuz i dont like to be paid and do nothing.

8 hrs each day pass like freaking 800 hrs.
i feel bad calling customers.
i feel bad NOT calling customers = slacking.

and the internet is disabled on the comp.
so i got nth to do while slacking except stare in space and at the comp clockkkkk.

and since my throat havent been well, i decided to make use of this opportunity to skip work and stock up on medicine for home.

the boyfriend went on mc too. but his medical fees are claimable. mine :(

and to make things more :( :( :(
we got a call from lindy (our colleague and baby's clique of friends) and found out that because stupid collegues of mine have been slacking so obviously and right in front of our new boss,


who reads newspapers in front of the boss?!
which telemarketer doesnt make calls or at least FAKE THE CALLS in front of the boss?!


as much as im not a slacker (im forced to =/).. i dont like it when so many restrictions are imposed. gee. what a great working environment.

the doctor said telemarketing is unsuitable for me.
i think so too.
in all aspects.

i need like, retail therapy.

have been bogged down by some matters recently..
but i guess i will save those for a locked entry.


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